Find your path to emotional wellness

Free Bird Psychological Services is more than a mental health resource; We are a community invested in well-being. Our commitment to providing a safe and empathetic space for growth.

Individual Care

Personalized journeys with specialized therapists addressing behavioural issues through evidence-based approaches.

Couple Care

Strengthen relationships using couple therapy / marital therapy and sex therapy focusing on improving communication and lasting connections

Child and Adolescent Services

Nurturing young minds with appropriate therapeutic approaches to address behavioural challenges and emotional well-being

Family Counselling

Psychotherapeutic techniques used to foster improved communication and a harmonious family environment.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Integrating therapeutic interventions to enhance emotional well-being in the workplace.

Stress Management

Learn effective methods of stress management, combining psychological insights with practical coping strategies

Outpatient Services

Flexible support enriched with psychotherapeutic aspects for those seeking outpatient care.