Welcome to

Free Bird

Psychological Services

At Free Bird Psychological Services, we understand that mental health is an integral part of overallĀ well-being. Welcome to a place where compassionate care meets clinical excellence,
where hope is restored, and healing begins.

About Us

Welcome to Free bird Psychological Services

Free Bird Psychological Services is a multi-disciplinary psychiatric clinic with India’s best doctors and experts in child development, occupational therapy and speech therapy. It provides services for adults and children in need. It is one of the largest clinics in South India and specializes in psychiatric diagnosis, counseling and treatment of all types of mental health problems (mental or mental illness). We also provide assessment, evaluation, and treatment for children with neurodevelopmental issues such as autism, ADHD, developmental delays, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional issues, cerebral palsy, and other neurodevelopmental issues.

Our team at Free Bird Psychological Services has the best professional and experienced psychiatrists in India. We have qualified counsellors and therapists from a variety of mental health fields, including psychiatrists, psychologists, paediatricians, special educators, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, clinical educators, occupational therapy, counsellors, life and health coaches

Our Services

Outpatient Programs

For those seeking flexibility in their mental health care, our outpatient programs offer
a range of therapeutic services. From individual counseling to group therapy, our
outpatient options provide the support needed to navigate the challenges of daily

Holistic Wellness Programs

In addition to traditional therapeutic approaches, we recognize the importance of
addressing the whole person. Our holistic wellness programs incorporate elements
such as nutrition counseling, exercise, and mindfulness practices to enhance overall

Telehealth Services

Free Bird Psychological Services is committed to making mental health care accessible. Our
telehealth services allow individuals to connect with our clinicians remotely,
providing convenient and confidential support from the comfort of their homes.

Comprehensive Assessments

Accurate diagnosis is the foundation of effective treatment. Our comprehensive
assessments, conducted by experienced clinicians, help guide the development of
personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs.